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Access Steps

We have developed adjustable access steps/platforms for different applications to allow access to different height aircraft.


Waterjet profiling is much the same as plasma and laser but with greater advantages in thickness, precision, smaller holes, no heat affected zones to name but a few. Waterjets can profile any material not just metals.


We were asked by a client if it would be possible to make 2 of there tail docks which allow works access to the tail sections of passenger jets to be made adjustable (Raise and Lower) from there fixed position the docks were built to suit a certain type of aircraft and were not universal. If they could be adjusted all types could be catered for. We came up with solution of fitting new structural steel to the underside of the dock and then making screw jack and fitting them to the steel work. We then drove them up and Down simultaneously using an air motor and a series of gearboxes and drive shafts interlinking all Jacks. The contract entailed complete design of steel work, drive system, jacks, self adjusting access stair, control systems, safety system, limits and fab and fit the entire system.


As of July 2014 all structural steel projects have to be CE compliant and CE marked this includes everything from a steel lentil over a window to a bridge from a handrail to a roof over stadium any component taking a load. It includes overall design, weld design ,joint design, material, welds, persons caring out the welds, nuts and bolts even down to paint basically that what ever is made is able to do the job its designed to do. We can offer full design and fabrication on all structural projects. All our staff are fully trained and tested to meet these requirements and have all the necessary certs and tests to carry out this work.


This a stacker/Reclaimer used for stock piling coal unloading from ships an Moneypoint Powerstation. It can reverse it belts and load the coal from the stockpile and feed the power station. After a fire badly damaged one of these a major repair and overhaul was carried out including the removal and fabrication of the top section of the rising belt.


We carry out a wide range of repair work from onsite removal and repair to workshop fabrications of damaged parts.


Some Products we make from time to time.


We do a wide range of mechanical work from repair/recondition of pumps, gearbox, machinery, crushers, valves, ETC. We can offer a complete strip down and rebuild either on site or in our workshop.


Some of our fabrication work.

Aerospace Fabrication

Our aerospace gallery shows some of the products we fabricate and make for the aerospace/aircraft maintenance sector.